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Change Log

1 May 2024

3.21 – Platform improvements and Bugfixes

  • Added searchable dropdown lists in contexts with a large number of options in the list
  • Update student visa export to contain correct data in all instances
  • Fix a bug adding deleted employees to the count of total employees on certain views
  • Update styling for certain links in the app, increasing usability
  • Refactor date validation on legacy API endpoints to fail meaningfully
  • Included RSA state grouping on the critical summary dashboard
  • Addressed firewall issue preventing some users from uploading valid documents
  • Fixed a bug in the align payroll spreadsheet function that prevented counts of employees from displaying accurately
  • Fixed a bug preventing users from entering certain dates due to a validation issue
  • Addressed a bug preventing verification filtering options from displaying for some users
  • Streamlined the storage and management of business units alocated to different user types
  • Improve reporting on failed checks as a result of missing passport information
  • Deployed an update to improve data security and log monitoring of our infrastructure

10 April 2024

3.2 – New South Wales RSA

We’re pleased to announce the release of a new check type to the CheckWorkRights application, New South Wales RSA Certificates. This joins the release of the Victorian RSA certificate on our path to a national solution for RSA.

This check, modelled on the relevant legislation, collects proof of a valid RSA from employees and serves it up for verifiers to review. Verified certificates are added to a weekly register that can be distributed to venue managers directly for compliance purposes. This process is conducted with the existing CheckWorkRights MyCheck email document collection process for simplicity, enhanced security and privacy.

Read more about this new check on our support hub.

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Ensure consistency between check history design and employee profile
  • Fixed a bug showing previous 8105 holders on the student visa report with current 8105 holders
  • Fixed a bug preventing verification buttons from appearing for some employees
  • Widen MyCheck dashboard custom logo display
  • Fixed a bug causing inconsistency between different bulk functions
  • Fixed a bug resulting in empty critical summary reports being issued
  • Fixed a bug preventing PDF exports of check results due to a new Home Affairs date format
  • Added functionality to bulk change historical employee business units
  • Fixed a bug preventing certain individuals from appearing on the student visa filter
  • Allow admin users to add custom headers to webhook requests
  • Update architecture for MyCheck work entitlement flow to be more flexible
  • Design updates to the critical summary email template
  • Design updates to the organisation summary email template
  • Add a maximum length to employee status descriptions to ensure consistency in the API

13 March 2024

3.11 – Business Unit and Verifier Bulk Alignment and MyCheck Design Updates

We’ve recently deployed several updates to assist organisations in managing their data in bulk. These enhancements will dramatically reduce the time it takes large organisations to keep their data up to date in CheckWorkRights by building on top of the existing Align Payroll File functionality.

Admin Users can now also align their business units and verifiers to account for employee movement between venues and manager turnover at individual sites. This is in addition to adding new employees, reinstating returning employees and making terminated employees historical, all with one spreadsheet upload.

Design enhancements have also been made to the employee-facing MyCheck Dashboard, to segment the required checks by urgency and completion status. This will make it clearer to your employees what they still need to do to complete their requirements with CheckWorkRights.

This accompanies a design update to the Organisation Summary reporting template to make the process of receiving status updates for your visa-holding employees clearer.

We’ve also expanded filtering options for Student Visa Exemption Periods to include past submissions or only approved submissions to allow more nuanced auditing of current, past and future exception periods for rostering teams.

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing some date formatting issues in the Visa Change emails
  • Fixed a bug breaking some data transfer for bulk users
  • Fixed crash in android app after QR code scan
  • Update the ‘Opt-Out’ link on MyCheck email notifications
  • Show the Check Now button in certain new UI locations in certain statuses
  • Escaped leading zeros in bulk functions comparing payroll IDs
  • Hiding MyCheck UI flyout after manual email issued.
  • Added the option for various integration keys to be stored against an employee
  • Update MyCheck pending date calculation to include employees who have had their check re-requested
  • Added a new bulk function to set a certain check as active for a group of employees
  • Add a new data exception filter for employees with no email address
  • Update the process of deactivating a verifier to include reassigning their documents awaiting verification
  • Add counts of all employees with active checks on the Dashboard
  • Assign verifiers dropdown lists now only include active users
  • Various text updates throughout the app to make certain processes clearer
  • Minor updates to email template footers
  • Created API v2.6 update to deal with new types of integrations

30 January 2024

3.10 – Victorian RSA Certificates

We’re pleased to announce the release of a new check type to the CheckWorkRights application, Victorian RSA Certificates.

This check, modelled on the relevant legislation, collects proof of a valid RSA from employees and serves it up for verifiers to review. Verified certificates are added to a weekly register that can be distributed to venue managers directly for compliance purposes. This process is conducted with the existing CheckWorkRights MyCheck email document collection process for simplicity, enhanced security and privacy.

Read more about this new check on our support hub.

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Added a function to each check to push an employee back to the start of the checking process
  • Mobile applications can now be locked biometrically, in addition to your CWR authentication.
  • MyCheck email is now sent in place of the reminder email in all scenarios
  • MyCheck email is now sent in place of the initial work entitlement email in all situations
  • Added tips sections to student visa document collection flow
  • Removed the confusing back button on the employee profile screen
  • Add the ability to find an employee by email using the API v2.6+
  • Employee email address is now present in the employee export list
  • Added visa condition code to the data returned to SmartRecruiters
  • Added generic consent declaration across all check types for simplicity
  • MyCheck email and link can now be issued from the mobile application
  • Add a UI for customisation of the SmartRecruiters integration
  • Add review requests to mobile applications
  • Add employee IDs to the verification UI so verifiers can more easily identify individuals
  • Add a preference to issue org summaries weekly rather than monthly
  • Add a welcome email for new user accounts with login privileges, including some handy getting started support articles
  • Update check tiles in mobile and web applications to be more in line with one another
  • Added the ability to issue checks by e-mail as part of the bulk alignment function
  • Created a new email template to remind admin users to periodically review the list of admins with access to sensitive data
  • Fixed a bug preventing business unit search in the Admin > User Config area
  • Fixed a bug hiding the consent declaration checkbox on some browsers, preventing check completion
  • Fixed a bug causing the PDF check result email to be issued twice
  • Fixed bulk export and filter using different functions which produced inconsistent exports
  • Added a new critical summary tab on the dashboard, to consolidate only the red statuses
  • Certain checks have their documents verified automatically upon completion by a CheckWorkRights user instead of an employee

29 November 2023

3.05 – Student Visa Holiday Exemptions & MyCheck Dashboard

Primary student visa holders have visa condition 8105 which limits work to 48 hours per rolling fortnight while their course of study is ‘in session’. After a course has commenced, and when it is on a defined holiday break or suspension, a primary student visa holder is able to work without limitation.

CheckWorkRights can now request holiday dates and supporting evidence directly and electronically from the student visa holder, and then distribute this information to a designated manager for confirmation and verification. A record of this exemption period is stored within the application and featured on automated reports. This process enables student visa work hours to be maximised over holiday periods.

This is available now for all users and has no additional cost. We also have a variety of filtering, reporting and exporting options available for those looking to distribute the collected information throughout their organisation.

Learn more about this new feature in our support hub.

Introducing the MyCheck Dashboard for Employees

We’ve also recently launched the MyCheck Dashboard and MyCheck Email process for employees, providing a centralised hub for them to complete any outstanding check actions. This allows employees with one or multiple outstanding checks to view them in one consolidated email, with clear instructions as to what needs to be completed.

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Add a welcome email for new user accounts with login privileges, including some handy getting started support articles
  • Update check tiles in mobile and web applications to be more in line with one another
  • New preference to disable verification reminder emails company-wide
  • Updates to the document resubmission and verification process for clarity
  • Elevate pieces of file metadata to the file row to prevent users from needing to expand the file view to see key information
  • Change some filters from a series of boxes to a date range slider where appropriate
  • Add additional filter and export options in the Admin > Users area to assist with user management and auditing
  • Expire user login at a minimum of one week on both mobile and web to force regular logins for enhanced security
  • Refine employee list UI for easy scanning
  • Add HTML styling to certain document verification guidelines for increased clarity
  • Fix the display of expiry and grant dates in some contexts
  • Address a bug preventing some filters from being applied to bulk events
  • Add custom labels for Payroll ID and Recruitment ID where necessary and not otherwise applied
  • Fix visa-specific filters from the dashboard not applying correctly for some users
  • Label missing on business unit list dropdown when creating a user
  • Fix a permission issue restricting the dataset un-necessarily for certain users

3 October 2023

3.03 – SmartRecruiters Integration, Magic Linking For Login Security & Verification Process On Mobile

CheckWorkRights is now listed on the SmartRecruiters marketplace. Australian recruitment teams are able to add new candidates to their SmartRecrutiers instance and have their Work Entitlement checks conducted automatically by CheckWorkRights using our email workflow. The results of these checks will be returned to SmartRecruiters in real time upon their completion.

We have also recently launched a new measure for login security that we call Magic Linking. This allows customers to forgo passwords, instead relying on a single-use code or link sent to an email address when attempting to log in. This ensures there are no complex passwords to remember or to be compromised, and only users with access to their email address at the time of login can access sensitive CWR data.

It is best practice when using CheckWorkRights to ensure documents are verified by a team member as part of the checking process. Verification on mobile allows users to conduct this process on the mobile app as part of the document upload workflow. For example, passports can now be scanned and verified by the same person, or scanned by a central HR team member and assigned for verification to a line manager at a particular site or location.

Other Improvements and Bugfixes

  • Add multi-select fields for certain filters in the employee screen to enable greater flexibility
  • Add magic linking login options for mobile users, including code and link-based options
  • Add CWR ID to employee list export for bulk data management.
  • Fix the UI issue breaking the display of the business unit list on the edit employee profile screen.
  • Add a preference for domain name restriction on user creation to prevent users from being created using unauthorised email addresses.
  • Fix the issue stopping certain users from viewing the data exceptions area of the dashboard
  • Fix bug that shows upcoming visa expiries count incorrectly for some users

28 August 2023

3.02 – Dashboard for Data Exceptions & Payroll Alignment Bulk Operation

To assist users with large employee populations we’ve introduced two new key features, the dashboard data exceptions area and the payroll alignment bulk operation.

The new Dashboard Area for Data Exceptions gives users visibility over any anomalies in the employee dataset that may need to be resolved. This could include recent webhook failures, duplicate payroll IDs and email addresses, or documents with no assigned verifier, among others. These employee cohorts can now be identified and managed individually, or exported via Excel spreadsheet to resolve in bulk.

The new bulk function for Payroll Alignment allows teams with a unique payroll ID per employee to upload an ‘active list’ of all employees in their payroll system. CheckWorkRights then treats this list as a source of truth to do the following:

  1. Make historical employees who aren’t on the list
  2. Reinstate employees who are on the list but are historical in CWR
  3. Add and request checks from employees who are on the list but missing from CWR
  4. Identify data issues like duplicate payroll IDs that prevent the above actions from running correctly

Other Improvements and Bugfixes

  • Added ability to support subclass-specific conditions for those customers ingesting the CheckWorkRights daily condition data. In particular, this supports the change to 8104 where in some instances a 40-hour restriction applies while in other instances it’s a 48-hour restriction.
  • Show employee email opt-out preference on the web application in the Employee Profile view
  • Refresh the web application immediately when a change is made on the mobile application
  • Overhaul ‘make historical from active list’ function into the new Align Payroll File function, including reinstatement and identification of duplicate records
  • Configure a new preference to stop reminder emails for Work Entitlement
  • Relocate unable to check resolution text to ensure consistency across views
  • Add relevant primary or secondary visa application information to the PDF check report export
  • Added a view all button to timeline components on the Dashboard
  • Add search and keyboard navigation to dropdown menus
  • Added intercom support to the web application
  • Add the option to include historical records in bulk changes Admin functions
  • Update email workflow text for work entitlement to be more intuitive
  • Reintroduce error report to bulk operations in the admin area
  • Add a link to our support articles from directly within the application
  • Add business unit default verifier column to business units admin view table
  • Review in-app text prompts to increase clarity
  • Consolidate expanded document view to increase readability
  • Optimised speed of Excel export function on the employee list view.
  • Update text when creating a business unit to prove clarity
  • Fix certain reports missing from the user email log view in the Admin area
  • Fix certain custom email reports not arriving regularly
  • Disabled browser autofill on key fields where inconsistent data is inserted

5 July 2023

3.01 – File Deletion Rework and Enhancements

As a company, we’re committed to providing an industry best practice solution to right-to-work declaration, evidence collection, and verification. In response to the very public data breaches of the past two years, as well as some valuable client feedback, we have conducted a review and overhaul of our application architecture, data security processes and customer workflow in relation to the retention of Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

The result is a new smart File Deletion system based on a number of cascading rules to ensure minimum necessary PII data retention while still offering a compliment and easy-to-use work entitlement checking platform.

Reissue Work Entitlement Document Requests By Email

To supplement our new file deletion workflow we’ve made it easier than ever to recollect evidence documents from existing employees. The new ‘Request New Documents By Email’ check action allows users to push an employee back to the start of the email workflow, reissuing the invite and reminder emails and setting their status back to pending. Once a new document is submitted it will replace the existing document and the check status will be updated. This can also be done in bulk from the Admin > Bulk Operations area.

Streamlined Employee Management

In response to user feedback as part of our version 3 release we have made some small workflow adjustments to reduce friction during basic employee management tasks such as adding a new employee, uploading documents to complete a check manually, and reviewing or updating existing documents.

Other Improvements and Bugfixes

  • Update employee profile field order to match in edit and non-edit state.
  • Updates to the configuration of loading state animation.
  • Add a link to the privacy policy in key email templates.
  • Add a notice about deleting employees permanently to the employee profile.
  • Fixed an issue stopping single business unit users from adding a verifier or business unit to new employees.
  • Various text changes to the document collection and verification workflows
  • Automatically label employees with incomplete or insufficient passport data as Unable to Check
  • Calls to the UpdateEmployee API endpoint will now automatically reinstate employees when the remove parameter isn’t 1.
  • Reword email templates to ensure consistency from template to template
  • Fix to ensure only the most recent documents are visible in the documents area
  • Verification can now be enabled or disabled as required and will hide/show mention of verifiers and file verification in all relevant places.
  • Fixed an issue causing business unit employee counts to display incorrect values in some contexts
  • Fixed a bug preventing verifier users from being created during the employee bulk upload process
  • Fixed passport expiry missing on some data exports.
  • Remove non-utf8 characters from certain webhooks to prevent signing errors.
  • Resolved an issue preventing certain business unit updates via API from being saved.
  • Resolved an issue with search and filter windows in the user creation area.
  • Resolved a bug duplicating data entered as part of email document upload.
  • Add an explicit error when a check is requested via API for an employee that hasn’t completed their document upload yet.
  • Resolve a bug showing incorrect due dates in reminder emails to some employees
  • Resolved an issue showing the No Payroll ID flag on records without this issue
  • Fixed missing formatting on the employee ‘No Longer Employed’ page
  • Resolve a bug setting the incorrect employee status on a successful passport scan
  • Resolve bug for passport scan matching when employees passport is present on two different records
  • Add empty response body on webhook response body empty events to explicitly show nothing has been returned
  • Update missing data fields on web browser-based QR code scans
  • Resolve a bug showing the primary/secondary visa applicant column as a blank pill
  • Add HTML to discourage autofill on the global search and other form fields
  • Make the verifier selection dropdown component consistent across all views
  • Aggregate the verification status of all documents into one verification column in the employee list
  • Aggregate the verification status of all documents into one verification property on the API response
  • Fixed an issue causing some bulk functions to display an error on success
  • Updated export PDF with correct visa conditions
  • Create a daily job to align the next check date in the new version 3 structure
  • Resolved an issue allowing single business unit users on mobile
  • Update scheduling and criteria for reminder emails
  • Resolved an issue preventing single business unit users from receiving the correct permissions
  • Fixed a bug displaying no valid visa as VEVO error in the check history tab
  • Resolved an issue where document guidelines in the web app were sometimes out of date
  • Resolved an issue preventing some API requests from adding an active status log to employees
  • Ensured covid 19 manual document upload replaces existing document instead of adding a new second document
  • Fix a bug making dropdowns illegible on some browsers

10 May 2023

CheckWorkRights Version 3

Multi Check Capability

We have received many requests from our customers for additional types of documents to be collected / checks to be completed all from the same workflow within CWR. We will be making available new check types in the coming months, and you will see these displayed as options in your account in the future.

User Interface Improvements

In line with our new multi-check capability, one of the major differences in the user interface separates each check type (current Work Entitlement and Covid 19 Vaccination) into its own tile with the employee profile. You can select each tile to view the details of a particular check, and perform actions related to it.

Document Verification Overhaul

To enhance the optional verification of all documents, verifiers can now be set at the company or business unit level, instead of just employee-to-employee. This means when a new line manager starts at a venue, updating verifiers is only done once at the business unit level, and any employees without a verifier don’t get missed, instead they are assigned to your company default verifier.

The verifiers tab has been removed, with the existing verification metrics and reporting migrated to the dashboard and the employee list. All verifiers are now listed in the ‘Users’ list in the admin area with reporting-only permissions. Their functionality otherwise remains the same. As verifiers only they are still unable to login to the application with access credentials.

Increased Data Security

Security improvements to minimise the risk of collecting, storing, and disposing of PII including; architectural changes, higher levels of encryption, application firewalls, 2FA, and a comprehensive automated file deletion schedule (further email on this will be sent to account managers only).

New optional reports

  • Weekly notifications sent to visa holders with visas expiring in the next 30 days
  • Weekly visa expiry report listing employees with visas expiring in the next 30 days
  • Notification of candidate completion of check for new hires, if using the email self-onboarding workflow (Add employee by email)
  • Improved ability to customise data exports from the employee list on the web application