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Manage Contractors With Labour Hire Tools

Stay on top of seasonal and casual contractor workforce changes with contractor management tools; including pre-shift work rights checking, reporting and exportable audit trail.

Currently when using workers through a labour hire company, the end user is totally reliant on the labour providers compliance.

The end user is unaware if each and every individual has actually been VEVO checked, and indeed has a legal right to work in this country. Worker substitution is unfortunately common, and without photographic evidence combined with details of VEVO checks occurring, end users of labour hire are unaware if the people coming to work on their site in fact are who they say they are, and possess the government approved legal right to work.

Our contractor management tool has been built specifically for the Australian Labour Hire Industry and users of contracted labour. It is simple to deploy, easy to use, and when used correctly will ensure compliance.

Contractors firstly establish an account with CheckWorkRights and utilise our application to efficiently ascertain and maintain workplace entitlement checks.

Employees of contractors are provided with a system generated ID card which includes a QR code. This ID card is then produced at ‘farm gate’ to end users of the labour hire, who scan the QR code with the CWR app on their smart phone or tablet. Instant verification of work rights is produced along with an ID photo.

In the background the app is time and date stamping the verification process occurring as well as users involved. An audit trail is created automatically and reporting is available for authorised relevant management within both organisations.


  • Provides confidence of employing people with a legal right to work
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Restrict worker substitution
  • Can operate offline (outside of data coverage)
  • Time / date / user – record of checks occurring
  • Audit features and automated reports

Treasury Wine Estates gains visibility across contracted labour workforce with CheckWorkRights

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