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We build solutions to enable Australian businesses to reduce risk and ease administrative burden of managing compliance. Our team are experts in each of the relevant areas of our business.

As a whole, we are totally focused on efficient and effective User Interfaces (UI), combined with slick and seamless User Experience (UX). We work with a wide variety of businesses spanning many industries.

Our customers tell us that our best attribute is our ability to respond quickly and dynamically with solutions to business needs.

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portait of Will Aldous

Will Aldous

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Will is an Australian Registered Migration Agent (MARN 1173697) and has spent the last two decades working within the Australian migration industry, guiding Australian employers through the complex maze of legally employing and managing visa holders.
Contact Will for any business or account enquiries.

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Aaron Smith

Co-Founder and Director of Technology

Aaron is the architect of the technology platform behind Checkworkrights. With a specific focus on delivering streamlined use and the ability for individual customisation and integration options, Aaron’s oversight of the development of our technology platform has led to Checkworkrights being the preeminent compliance solution for employers of visa holders across Australia.

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Guy Aldous

Product Manager

Guy maintains the lifecycle and vision of the Checkworkrights platform utilising a variety of diverse experiences across numerous fields including user experience design, business systems, and software development. His expertise ensures our customer-lead philosophy is at the core of everything we do.

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The team

portrait of Mahasooq AT checkworkrights team member

Mahasooq AT

Architecture and Development

portrait of Sarang Sekhar checkworkrights team member

Sarang Sekhar

UI Designer

portrait of Adeeb Basheer checkworkrights team member

Adeeb Basheer

Web Developer

portrait of Aseem Nishad checkworkrights team member

Aseem Nishad

iOS / Android Developer

Maintaining visa compliance for over 65,000 employees across Australia's largest businesses.