Let us introduce ourselves.

We come to work every day to deliver a solution that makes it easier for businesses to ensure that their staff members are always entitled to work in Australia. Legal compliance in this current landscape is critical. Ease of use is equally imperative. Since founding the business in 2015 and continuing to build and develop based on feedback from our loyal customers, we now offer the most advanced checking tool in Australia.

Our expert team continue to grow the CheckWorkRights product and we enjoy the opportunity to work with a wide variety of businesses spanning many industries.

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portait of Will Aldous

Will Aldous

Co-Founder and Director of Business

Will is a Registered Migration Agent and has spent the last 15 years working in the migration industry, guiding Australian employers through the complex maze of legally employing and managing visa holders.
MARN 1173697

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Aaron Smith

Co-Founder and Director of Technology

Aaron is the architect of the technology platform behind Checkworkrights. With a specific focus on delivering streamlined use and the ability for individual customisation and integration options, Aaron’s oversight of the development of our technology platform has led to Checkworkrights being the preeminent compliance solution for employers of visa holders across Australia.

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The team

portrait of Mahasooq AT checkworkrights team member

Mahasooq AT

Architecture and Development

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Sarang Sekhar

UI Designer

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Adeeb Basheer

Web Developer

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Aseem Nishad

iOS / Android Developer