What is Checkworkrights?

Checkworkrights is an advanced platform based on an innovative and simple to use smart phone / tablet app as well as a comprehensive cloud based management and reporting suite. Checkworkrights assists organisations of any size to efficiently and effectively manage legal obligations, in relation to employing individuals with a legal right to work in Australia.

We provide our proven systems and processes to ensure that all staff are accurately classified as either an Australian Citizen or a visa holder, and that a record is retained of declaration of citizenship and provided supporting evidence.

Ongoing automated VEVO checks are performed for all visa holding employees, reducing personnel hours to undertake this task in house whilst minimising the possibility of non-compliance.

Popular Features

  • Automated VEVO checking

    Ongoing automated checks for duration of visa holder’s employment

  • Customisable reporting

    Receive alerts, reports and notifications when you need them

  • Declaration, evidence and consent

    Efficient processes to simplify and record

  • Real time workplace entitlement checks

    Single click workplace checks, as often as needed

Checkworkrights Smartphone App
  • Team leader identity verification

    Integrated process to verify identity

  • Software Integration

    Integrate through our API into your existing HRIS or Payroll software

  • Historical log of all checks

    Retain searchable record of all VEVO checks conducted for all visa holders

  • Bulk Upload capable

    Individuals can input their own data. HR teams can upload all employees at one time.

Not every individual with an Australian visa has the legal right to work

The Department of Home affairs recommends employers check employee’s visa work rights with VEVO regularly, a process that is inefficient for employers and HR teams.

Fines for non-compliance can be up to $315,000 per illegal worker found within a business.

In the last 3 years 1,486 Illegal Worker Warning Notices were issued by the Department of Home Affairs to employers of illegal workers.

Check Regularly

Department of Home Affairs recommends VEVO checking some visa-holding employees every three months

$315,000 Fines

Maximum fine for non-compliance per illegal worker

1,130 Employers Caught

Number of businesses caught employing workers illegally in the last 3 years

Check Employee Work Rights with Any Smartphone Camera

Perform automated or instant VEVO checks, with bulk reporting and expiry alerts for every visa holder in your workforce – All from your smartphone or desktop.

Phone Visa Check

Check Employee Work Rights with Any Smartphone Camera

Perform automated or instant VEVO checks, with bulk reporting and expiry alerts for every visa holder in your workforce – All from your smartphone or desktop.

Using Checkworkrights

Learn how Checkworkrights can be integrated into your business, including pricing, customisable features and API access.

Bespoke API Integration Across a Multisite Organisation

Bespoke API Integration Across a Multisite Organisation

Easy VEVO Checks for Hospitality and Retail

Easy VEVO Checks for Hospitality and Retail

Simplified Automated Australian Police Checking Coming Soon

Perform and record regular police checks, as easily as possible, in any size of business.

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Checkworkrights Clients

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Davies Bakery Logo

“Davies Bakery Pty Ltd have used the checkworkrights software for the past year, and it has helped Davies Bakery to ensure we are meeting our legal obligations as employers of visa holders.

The software makes this process much more reliable and efficient, saving our staff a lot of time and energy.”

Tony Zocco

Davies Bakery

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“Our HR advisors perform monthly compliance checks of up to 3,000 visas for our international workforce. CheckWorkRights technology simplifies the process, saves time and increases productivity for our HR team.

It also gives us peace of mind that we are fully compliant with government regulations"

Daniel Evans

Delaware North

Pattisons Logo

“A great investment ensuring our company meets its visa regulatory requirements, the check work rights platform eliminates human error with the added time saving efficiencies a business needs in todays environment.

The system flags the appropriate manager to ensure you are always on top of your staffing, allowing us to work other areas of our business without concerns.”

Peter Pattison

Pattison's Patisserie

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