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Bulk right to work checks and self-serve candidate onboarding

Problem Solved for Delaware North: Bulk right to work checks and candidate self-serve onboarding, allows the Delaware North recruitment team to reduce time to hire and to rapidly expand their workforce when needed.

About the Business

Delaware North is a global leader in the hospitality and entertainment industry. The company annually serves more than half a billion guests across three continents, including at; high-profile sports venues, airports, national and state parks, restaurants, resorts, hotels and casinos. Building on more than a century of enduring partnerships and a commitment to local communities and sustainability, Delaware North’s vision is to delight guests by creating the world’s best experiences today while reimagining tomorrow.

Pain Point

With over 5000 visa holders in Australia and a workforce that expands and contracts by thousands to meet seasonal demand, the talent acquisition team at Delaware North has their hands full.

Kimberley Manning heads up the team, and it’s on her to ensure she’s hired enough staff to meet the needs of their large suite of well-known Clients. The team’s typical year is punctuated by busy periods: the start of the football season, mid-year at Australia’s busy international airports, and even Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in early 2024.

To achieve this, the team bulk hires hospitality workers in large lots, which means an ever-increasing volume of Right to Work and VEVO checks to complete. To manage this manually would mean contacting each candidate individually to obtain a declaration of Citizenship, and evidence to support the declaration made, then saving all the data and manually typing it into the Australian Government VEVO check portal, before finally recording the results on a spreadsheet or in an HRIS. Data then needs to be shared amongst multiple site-based HR teams that are required to regularly re-check working rights for all of the 5000 visa holding employees.

It’s a set of processes that would be virtually impossible to manage manually and would take countless hours, just to leave the team with a set of records that is only accurate at a particular point in time, and the risk of breaches of workplace legislation/data security. Instead, Delaware North uses CheckWorkRights to make it happen.


The Talent Acquisition team makes use of the CWR bulk upload feature to manage large volumes of checks at once. They upload a CSV file of candidate names and emails to CheckWorkRights and the platform automatically sends a check request to the candidate via a customisable email. The candidate receives the email to their inbox, which contains Delaware North branding and a secure link to the CWR MyCheck Dashboard.

On the MyCheck Dashboard, Australian Citizens declare Citizenship and provide documentary evidence to support the declaration they have made. Foreign Citizens declare their Citizenship and are asked to provide their consent for CWR to run VEVO checks on behalf of Delaware North. Following consent, the data from the document provided is used to conduct a VEVO check with The Department of Home Affairs in real-time, and then follow up checks throughout employment. 

Emails are tracked for deliverability, with reporting on numbers yet to respond, and automated reminder emails sent following the first request to aid efficient completion.

In the background, the CheckWorkRights app time and date stamps this verification process occurring, and creates a list that includes everyone who has been checked, and which user completed the checks. An audit trail is created automatically and reporting is available when needed. 

Once a candidate becomes an employee, the HR team linked to a specific site takes over monitoring of ongoing checks for visa holding employees via CheckWorkRights. They receive automated alerts and reports regularly so they can foresee potential issues and labour requirements during busy periods.

‘CheckWorkRights simplifies our high risk visa compliance. It’s a very slick tool to have in your toolbelt.’


Hiring speed is paramount, so Kimberley’s team closely tracks their candidate progression rates, and they are never held up by right to work and VEVO checks. With candidates progressing themselves through the onboarding process, the recruiting team’s time is freed up for the more important task of sourcing talent. 

‘We’ve never had a single candidate who needed help navigating their checks. It’s very easy to use,’ she said. 

Keeping on top of Australia’s ever-changing migration rules and visa conditions is a responsibility they’ve been able to outsource. They also don’t need to worry that sensitive candidate and employee data is being collected, stored and deleted in a process that meets data and privacy requirements, specifically detailed in the Australian Privacy Principles

With help from CheckWorkRights, Delaware North can efficiently expand its workforce to ensure they have the people they need to fill their rosters, whilst being confident of maintaining critical compliance.

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