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Real time visa visibility at all levels of management

Problem Solved for Hungry Jack’s Australia: Real-time VEVO checks allow the team to monitor thousands of employees’ visa status, expiry, conditions limiting work, and to easily run checks anytime.

Hungry Jacks Australia

Robyn Johnston, People and Culture Partner SA/NT

About the Business

Hungry Jack’s Australia is an iconic quick-service restaurant group with locations across the country. With a workforce of approximately 18,000 and up to 3,000 visa holders spread across the nation, eighty-five per cent of their staff are working in company managed locations, with their administrative team working in centralised restaurant support centres.

Pain Point

Before adopting CheckWorkRights, Hungry Jack’s right to work VEVO checks were handled by People and Culture teams in each state. On site staff copied new hires’ passport biodata pages, which were then sent to People and Culture for manual checks completed on the immigration department’s website. This slow process was error-prone and frustrating, especially at store level where staff turnover was more frequent. But Hungry Jack’s recognised the inefficiency and was hungry for a better way.


CheckWorkRights teamed up with Hungry Jack’s to tackle issues at both the restaurant and HR levels. Managers at each store could now use the store tablet to instantly scan employee passports upon hiring, streamlining the process of onboarding through the CheckWorkRights platform. This not only saves time but eliminates the need for manual passport scanning and forwarding to the People and Culture team. Plus, real-time visa monitoring offers continuous visibility into employee visa status, accessible anytime. 

Robyn and the team also appreciate the ability to download data on their visa holders for auditing purposes, letting them know instantly how many visa employees they have in a specific location or market, their visa types, and expiry dates. The automated reports flag any employees on the payroll that are missing identification or have misspelt names, giving the team peace of mind that their data is clean and up to date.

The result

Implementing the CheckWorkRights solution brought significant benefits to Hungry Jacks. It proved to be far more efficient than manually conducting checks on their extensive workforce, consisting of thousands of employees. By automating the process, the cumbersome task of individually verifying work rights was streamlined, saving valuable time and resources. 

The team enjoyed significantly enhanced visibility over the entire organisation with real-time visa status monitoring through automated ongoing checks.

Using CheckWorkRights also shifts the burden from store managers who previously had to rely on sight and trust to ensure that documents were genuine and that their working rights were valid.

Robyn Johnston, People and Culture Partner SA/NT/TAS said, ‘Our stores really do trust the platform, and they find the new dashboards really user-friendly. Scanning passports at the point of hire really is a game changer.’


The Hungry Jack’s team uses flat file integration to align CheckWorkRights with their payroll software, sent on a weekly basis. They also align their rostering system daily, embracing the real-time monitoring feature to help with scheduling staff. Store managers find it invaluable for swiftly adjusting work rosters in response to any changes in employees’ visa conditions or limitations. The ability to promptly identify employees with impending visa expiry dates empowers proactive planning for upcoming changes.

On the management front, Robyn and her team leverage the product’s granular filtering capabilities to monitor visa information by location and area. ‘We’ve been working with CheckWorkRights for a long time and appreciate the peace of mind that comes with knowing we’ve done our due diligence,’ she said. 

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