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Real Time Visa Management Visibility

Problem Solved for Hungry Jacks Australia: The real-time visa management feature allows them to monitor their thousands of employees’ visas and easily run checks anytime. 

Hungry Jacks Australia

Robyn Johnston, People and Culture Partner SA/NT

About the Business: Hungry Jacks Australia is a quick-service restaurant business. They sell a variety of products with a focus primarily on burgers, chips and drinks. 

Hungry Jacks employs approximately 18,000 employees across Australia. Eighty-five per cent of these people are working in company managed locations. These team members work on-site in restaurant locations across the country and their administrative team also works in state and national based restaurant support centres.

As a large QSR chain, Hungry Jacks employs thousands of employees. And, a significant percentage of these employees are visa holding workers. 

Pain Point: Before switching to the Check Work Rights platform, the Hungry Jacks team was conducting their work rights checks centrally by the human resources department in each state. 

On-site staff photocopied the biodata page from the passport of each new hire. Then they sent it through to the human resources team. That team ran manual checks through the immigration department’s website. This process was time-consuming and open to human error. The Hungry Jacks team identified a gap and searched for a solution to fix it. 

Solution: Check Work Rights partnered with Hungry Jacks to deliver an approach that would solve the pain points at the restaurant level and for the centralised human resources team. 

In the individual stores, managers could download the mobile app to scan employees’ passports at the point of hire. This allowed them to perform the checks directly through the Check Work Rights platform. This saves time and reduces the need to manually scan and send passport information to the Human Resources team. 

Then, employee’s visas were monitored in real-time providing visibility of checks and employee visa status that can be checked anytime.

Finally, Hungry Jacks aligned the Check Work Rights system with their payroll system. This provides a final verification to ensure all employees are being checked. If someone appears on the payroll system but has not completed a visa check, this will be flagged and rectified. 

The result: Implementing this process achieved two main outcomes for Hungry Jacks:

  • It is more efficient than running manual checks on thousands of employees.
  • The system has improved visa visibility because the checks are done and results returned in real-time. 

Implementation: The team likes the real-time monitoring feature. It helps them adjust work rosters as required if an employee’s visa conditions or limitations change. The ability to quickly and easily see employees with an upcoming visa expiry date has also helped the team be proactive with upcoming changes

Finally, on a management level, Robyn and her team take advantage of the granular filtering that the product now offers. This allows them to monitor visa information by districts to allow targeted follow up.