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Segmented Reporting

Problem Solved for Delaware North: Providing reporting data to all levels of a multi-site organisation

Joseph Banda

HR Systems and Reporting Administrator

About the Business: Delaware North is an international company with a core focus on the hospitality industry. They also have a diverse portfolio of catering, stadiums, casinos and gaming venues. In Australia, they employ 11 000 part-time, full time and casual employees. With a decentralised HR team, they have approximately 27 members of the HR team spread out across the business in various locations. 

Pain Point: Before switching to Check Work Rights, Vevo checks were being done manually through the department of border protection website and the data was stored in excel spreadsheets. This is not only time consuming but also risky because it is difficult to stay on top of the ongoing monitoring and is not a secure method of storing private data. 

Solution: Check Work Rights implemented the full-service product including the mobile app, ongoing monitoring, and reporting. With Delaware North’s decentralised team, the Check Work Rights team worked with them to create a workflow where the HR advisors and HR coordinators could run a visa pre-employment check after the candidate was interviewed before making an offer. 

Implementation: After the product implementation, Joseph maintains administrative control of the account while giving each HR team member access to running checks for their own team. Using Check Work Right’s Joseph’s team no longer has to worry about doing periodic checks as the system runs them automatically. They really like the notifications feature which helps them quickly understand if there are any problems and address them immediately. 

One of their favourite features is the different levels of administrative access that the system provides. This allows the HR advisors to implement the checks, the middle management to review and follow up if necessary, and the HR business partners to access all of the data for the purposes of their reporting and presentation to relevant stakeholders. 

Follow Up: With the user-friendly website and mobile interface and the numerous helpful features listed above Joseph and his team were not able to find anything comparable on the market. They are pleased with the product and the customer service the team provides.