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HR Software Integration

Problem Solved for SPL: Dayforce HR software integration with CheckWorkRights saves SPL’s People and Culture team countless hours of administrative headaches and ensures data security.

About the Business

SPL is a national provider of premium quality laundry & linen services for a variety of industries including accommodation, hotels, healthcare and more.

Pain Point

With plants all over Australia and over 1000 staff, SPL needed to ensure accuracy in visa compliance in a high volume and high turnover industry. Additionally, in an organisation employing over 600 visa holding staff at any given time, keeping compliant was a time consuming and manual process. Every month, their team spent hours running manual VEVO checks for everyone at the point of hire, and rechecks for visa holders. The process was tedious and prone to error, but there was little appetite to add learning a new software system to their workload.


The People and Culture team was already using Dayforce, and wanted to now create consistency to ensure every employee had sufficient right to work and that their data on visa holders was accurate. Not wanting to add additional learning for the already stretched team, CheckWorkRights deployed their solution where instant VEVO checks and results could be completed and viewed, right from inside an employee record in Dayforce. They also appreciate being able to request a right to work check on the spot, without having to leave Dayforce. 

‘The automated recurring checks give us peace of mind because we know our data is always up to date,’ said Alison Smith, People and Culture Manager.


Integrating Dayforce with CheckWorkRights created a system that not only minimises administrative time but also ensures SPL’s data is accurate if audited. 

‘Collecting and storing employee data via CheckWorkRights means our team doesn’t have to worry about its security or its accuracy,’ she said.

Additionally, Managers on SPL sites find the passport scanner helpful when hiring, as there is no manual handling of sensitive personal identifying information.

Alison mentioned, ‘The team at CheckWorkRights is always very responsive and was very helpful during the integration process.’

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