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Automatic Checking

Problem Solved for Minor Hotels: Proactively Discovering Visa Expiry and Potential Breaches

Carlie Bowden

Group Director of Housekeeping

About the Business: Minor Hotels Australia & NZ operates 60 hotels across Australia and New Zealand and employs approximately 2500 staff members.

Pain Point: As a growing international brand, the housekeeping division for the group employs approximately 1500 staff. A large majority of this workforce hold a visa to work in Australia, and as their team numbers increased with the acquisition of new properties, it became more challenging to continue completing and managing manual checks on visas through the Vevo website.   

The challenge to remain compliant with the Vevo website was made more difficult by only receiving information on a visa’s expiry once it had already expired. Many hours each day were spent performing manual visa checks to ensure the business was always compliant.

Solution: Automatically checking everyone’s visa daily and receiving alerts and reports from the Check Work Rights system has made it much easier to ensure the housekeeping division is always complying with an employee’s visa conditions.   

With the data that Carlie’s team receives, they always know the status of each employees visa and can ensure employees are working within their work rights.

 Implementation: Minor Hotels’ HR advisors use the mobile app to scan passports (or photocopies of them) at the point of onboarding. After the initial visa check, each visa holding employee is entered into the system for ongoing monitoring. 

As the business has grown, the ongoing monitoring has enabled Minor Hotels to maintain administrative staffing levels rather than increasing them as the hotel portfolio grew, saving salary and wages.  

They also appreciate the ability to customise the product so that it reflects their corporate structure and they were able to organise their dashboard based on their organisation’s business units and structure. 

Follow Up: As the system administrator, Carlie finds the technology easy to use and she is able to easily complete functions such as adding and deleting users. Her team reflects this sentiment and appreciates all of the features of the product as it helps them easily and efficiently carry out their daily tasks.