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Payroll Integration

Problems Solved for Accor Australia: 

  • Creating consistency across HR and payroll platforms to ensure all staff members are accounted for
  • Ensuring accuracy in visa compliance in a high volume and high turnover industry.

Accor Australia

Candice Brinton, Talent and Culture Projects Executive

About the Business: Accor Australia is part of an international network of hotel brands. Operating in Australia since the early 1990s, these brands include Art Series, Peppers, Mantra, and BreakFree. 

Through the apartments and leasing department of Accor, there is a centralised payroll system. This system manages up to 6000 employees at any one time who work at 130 hotels across the country. 

Pain Point: In an organisation with large numbers of visa holding staff, visa compliance was a tedious and manual process. Each region across the country was responsible for scanning and uploading employees visa details at the point of hire. 

Every month, they spent hours running manual checks of team members’ visa data. With high employee turnover and approximately 2500 visa holders, running manual checks was a huge undertaking. It was time-consuming and there could be lag time between identifying issues and being able to solve them. 

Additionally, the process was open to human error. If a staff member forgot to upload a passport at the point of hire, the employee’s visa would not be checked on an ongoing basis.  

Solution: The solution for Accor started by downloading the mobile passport scanning app for their Talent and Culture team members and checking all employees’ visas on an ongoing basis through the ongoing monitoring feature. 

Furthermore, Accor partnered with CheckWorkRights to integrate directly with their payroll system, Preceda. This allowed Accor to cross-reference all of their employees between CheckWorkRights and Preceda. 

Specifically, if someone was getting paid, but not being monitored in CheckWorkRights, the problem was evident immediately. 

The result: This system ensures that no one was getting paid without having their visa checked. It creates a system that not only minimizes administrative time but also ensures their data is accurate if audited.

Implementation: Even though most of the implementation was done remotely throughout the Covid-19 period, the process was straight forward and the implementation was smooth.