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Human Resources Software Integration

Problem Solved: Seamless Integration with Dayforce, their Human Resources Software

Damien Ryan

City Holdings

About the Business: City FM Australia is an international facilities management company that works on building long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with its customers. The companies they partner with span across retail, residential and commercial industries. Specific solutions they provide include project management, technical procurement, and cleaning and ancillary services. 

The Australian division of the business has 1100 employees.

Pain Point: In addition to the tedious manual Vevo checks that the business did, a pain point for the City Holdings team was the double handling of visa data. Specifically, checks were done through the Vevo website directly, and results were manually entered into their Human Resources software. This opened up the process to even greater human error because of these two manual steps.

Solutions: City Holdings uses the employee self- onboarding model for new employees. When they have narrowed down their top candidates for a role, these individuals receive an automated email from Check Work Rights. This email asks the candidate to fill out basic details about themselves and scan their passport. Once the information is uploaded, the visa checks are completed automatically through the Check Work Rights platform. 

City Holdings employees are only involved at the final stage of the process when a line manager verifies the person’s identity and compares it to the passport that was submitted electronically. 

Check Work Rights has worked with City Holdings to integrate our product with Dayforce, its Human Resources software. As visa checks are completed through the Check Work Rights platform, the results are automatically updated in Dayforce.

The result: This automation has lead to the ability to streamline City Holding’s visa checking processes. It has eliminated the need for significant amounts of manual work and increased the accuracy of the data. Fewer people involved in the process saves the business time and money and allows staff to focus on other tasks.

City Holdings are planning for the second phase of integration between Dayforce and Check Work Rights. This will allow them to integrate their visa check results with their rostering to ensure that those pieces of data are connected as well.

Implementation: While there was originally some pushback from the line managers about their involvement with the process, now everyone understands the benefits of the system and the time and effort that it saves the business as a whole. 

The staff also realise how having an automated system can significantly increase their ability to comply with the legislation around visa checking. Damien believes that while Check Work Rights overall is a great product, it is the integration with Dayforce that currently provides the greatest benefit to the business.