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Remove the guesswork from right to work screening

Instant VEVO Checks Scan a passport in store at point of hire and get instant results stored in your company dashboard.
Effortless Automated On-Going Checks Scheduled and visa specific recurring checks, removing the need to sign into the VEVO website and run manual checks.
Align to Payroll and Rosters Integrate with your existing systems and adjust rosters as required if an employee’s visa conditions change.
Access Level Hierarchy Tailor access and reporting from central HR through to site based line-managers.

Improving and maintaining compliance for Australia's leading brands.

Configure it your way

Multiple Data Input Methods Scan, bulk upload or have employees self on-board using a hybrid approach to mesh with your existing processes.
Distribution of Information Real time information segmented and dispersed across your organisation. Automated daily data extract or flat file exchange with external applications. System Integration Available via API.
Audit Trail for Compliance Keep a searchable record of all checks conducted through the platform.

Problem solved for Minor Hotels

A large majority of Minor’s 1500 staff hold a visa to work in Australia, and as their team numbers increased with the acquisition of new properties, it became more challenging to continue completing and managing manual checks on visas through the VEVO website.

Automatic Checking

Integrate with your existing workflows.