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Colour Coded Visa Reports

Problem Solved: Having large numbers of visa holders that are hard to keep track of and plan for effectively.

Christina King

Chief People Officer

About the Business: As a company that manufactures fresh and ready-made meals, snacks, and drinks, “Youfoodz is here to make Australia healthier & happier, one bite at a time.” They distribute their food to customers throughout Australia both through retail stores such as Coles, Woolworths, and IGA as well as through a home delivery service.

With a team of 800 employees throughout Australia, Christina works most closely with a team of 10 across the HR, Workforce Planning, and Payroll divisions of the company.

Pain Point: When Christina joined the team at Youfoodz the business was conducting their Vevo Checks manually. Christina realised that the manual work took away valuable time from the HR team who could be working on tasks that provided greater overall value to their company. With these manual checks, there was also no way to plan for employees whose visas may be expiring as the manual checks were only provided as a point in time check.

After using Check Work Rights at a former company, Christina got in touch and knew that it would be the right product to implement with her new team. Furthermore, it would save lots of time and effectively automate the entire visa check process.

Solutions: For Christina and the Youfoodz Team, it is the reporting features of the product that prove to be the most beneficial. Sent automatically, these reports provide a clear snapshot for the Human Resources team. Modelled after a traffic light, these reports are colour coded with green indicating there are no visa issues, yellow signifying that the individual’s visa is expiring soon, and red warning that someone’s visa is expired or does not exist.

The result: This colour coding system has enabled the team to have a very clear overview of all of their visa holding employees. They know where to prioritize their time if someone’s visa needs to be followed up or their working hours need to be re-evaluated.

Implementation: Christina’s team appreciate that they no longer have to perform manual Vevo checks and can work on other projects that will help their business in other ways.

The managers benefit from the accuracy of the reporting that Check Work Rights produces.

Finally, the leadership trusts the data from the system and is confident in the results they receive.

Overall, in Christina’s words, “Check Work Rights is affordable, reliable and easy to use, and the staff are friendly, knowledgable and helpful.”