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Automation to Enhance Efficiency

Let our application do the work for you! CheckWorkRights provides a searchable record of checks conducted for all employees. These can be segmented according to your business structure, and automated alerts and reports pushed out to designated stakeholders across the organisation. More information below.

After each employment check is completed on the CheckWorkRights platform, the information is stored and dated so that you or anyone on your team can access it easily.

These stored checks also allow you to run reports and search for records of checks completed at any time while your CheckWorkRights subscription is active.

If compliance departments of the government such as the Australian Taxation Office or the Department of Home Affairs request proof of visa checks for compliance or auditing for your employees, you can easily download the records and share the file with them.

If you require the data for other purposes such as reporting, you can export your data into a CSV file providing you with accurate information on your employees’ visa status at that point.