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VEVO Checks vs. Automated Visa Check Solutions: Which is Better?

Automated visa check solutions provide the same important information as VEVO checks but are easier to use. In short, they can drastically streamline your workflow. Here’s how.

Australian employers are subject to a variety of responsibilities if they choose to employ foreign workers. One of the most critical responsibilities for employers is to make sure foreign employees have legal working rights in Australia. A variety of visas allow international employees to work legally in Australia. However, the permissions for one visa may be different from those of another. For instance, an employer-sponsored visa allows employees to work full-time. However, a training visa only allows an individual to work 30 hours a week. Additionally, some visas are valid for as little as six months, while others are valid for five years or more. All of these factors make visa checks a cumbersome task.

A VEVO Visa check is the most common way for employers to keep up with the legal working rights of their employees. A VEVO check can tell you the type of visa, how long the visa is valid, and the conditions of the visa. These may include when the holder must arrive, length of the stay, work conditions, and the type of work the holder is allowed to do. Yet, a VEVO check doesn’t offer all relevant information about foreign employees. Additionally, multiple routine VEVO checks can be a time-consuming process for employers. Automated visa check solutions provide the same important information as VEVO checks but are easier to use. In short, they can drastically streamline your workflow. Here’s how.

Automated Visa Check Solutions Allow for Bulk Uploading

Many organisations work with numerous foreign employees. This can make a large recruitment process or performing an audit of all staff visas difficult and time-consuming. While VEVO allows up to 20 simultaneous checks to be completed, the passport details for each employee must be entered manually. The same is true for the process of onboarding new employees.

Automated visa check solutions include a variety of tools that make it easy to enter and maintain information for a large number of employees with different types of visas. Bulk upload allows you to upload a CSV or Excel file to quickly import all staff data into the application. Mobile passport scanning enables you to scan employees’ or prospective employees’ passports and receive a visa result instantly. Self-onboarding via email means you can send a link containing onboarding requirements directly to prospective employees. In turn, they input their details and upload essential documents. The process is easy for employees and eliminates hours of manual data entry for your team.

Stay Current Through Automation

It might seem like a single VEVO check during the onboarding process will provide sufficient information about your employees’ work status. However, visa status can change for several reasons. For instance, when employees fail to follow the conditions of their visa, the visa can be cancelled. It’s also not uncommon for visa holders to change visas, resulting in different work restrictions for the employee.

Regulations require you to ensure employees have a valid visa for the whole time they work for you. Recommendations include checking visa status when an employee’s circumstances change and performing visa checks every three months for bridging visa holders. Yet, as an employer, you may not know your employees’ personal circumstances. Therefore, to remain compliant, your only option is to perform visa checks on all employees frequently. Automated ongoing checks provided by your visa check solution can eliminate the need for ongoing, manual VEVO checks. Recurring checks are scheduled and specific, ensuring you have current information about all of your employees’ working rights.

Record Keeping is Streamlined

You’re legally required to keep some employment records for seven years. Home Affairs has the right to conduct random audits on these records. VEVO is not able to provide any details about visas that are not in effect. The service is designed to provide immediate information about a visa holder’s current status. Therefore, VEVO offers no way to generate or maintain records for audits. CheckWorkRights allows employers to keep a compliance audit trail in the form of a searchable record of all visa checks conducted by the platform.

Better Understand Visa Conditions

Australian laws are strict regarding visas and employment. Workers who fail to follow the conditions, risk having their visa cancelled, along with other penalties. Employers who don’t follow visa conditions can face steep fines and penalties. Each type of visa has its own limitations, which can include:

  • The type of work a visa holder can do.
  • The amount of hours a visa holder is allowed to work.
  • Work available for visa holders.
  • How long a visa holder can stay in a position.

While VEVO offers the opportunity to check the limitations of work visas, the information is filed under the visa class and subclass. For example, if an employer wants to check the status of a single employee, they need to enter employee data manually to learn the class and subclass of information. Then, they must check restrictions in another area of the VEVO site.

Automated reports provided by your automated visa check solution include a section called work entitlement, which provides information regarding the specific work rights of your employees. This eliminates the cumbersome process of manually checking information on VEVO.

Easily Verify Vaccination Status

Your employees’ visa reveals important information about how, when, and where they can work. Yet, new regulations make the vaccination status of international workers a critical factor in their right to work. Since VEVO is entirely focused on visa status, it offers no information about the vaccination status of employees.

CheckVax from CheckWorkRights¬†manages all the aspects of vaccination information. These include verifications of vaccines and boosters, employee privacy consent, reminders and guidance for getting vaccines and boosters, and automatic change of vaccination status when relevant information is not supplied. In the same way you keep up with your employees’ right to work, you can keep up with their vaccination status.

CheckWorkRights simplifies the visa checking process. Our tool eliminates manual labour and keeps employers up-to-date with changing visa statuses of all employees. VEVO can be effective for employers with a small staff, but it can leave critical factors overlooked when hiring and maintaining a large international workforce. Learn more about how CheckWorkRights can help you meet immigration compliance standards with ease.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is general only, and not to be taken as Migration Advice. Please be aware that visas and regulations are subject to frequent change. It is advisable to verify the latest information from the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) and or seek specific advice relating to your circumstances from a MARA Registered Migration Agent.