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Saving Human Resources Expenses

Problem solved: Saving significant costs in the human resources team because of process automation.

Darren Halliday

Payroll Manager

About the Business: As a facilities management company with 400 visa holders out of a staff team of 1000, Pickwick Group spent a lot of time running manual VEVO checks on their staff. 

Pain Point: Due to their large staff team as well as high turnover, each month, the payroll department spent hours verifying visas of new employees. They did their best to keep track of visa changes and cancellations for their current employees. This became an administrative nightmare that still bred uncertainty if they were meeting the requirements due to the high frequency of staff turnover 

Solution: Payroll manager Darren Halliday, who oversaw this process, believed there was a better way. He started searching Google for technology-based solutions to help their department automate this tedious process.  Simultaneously, he was also searching for answers to some tricky questions about work rights for certain types of visa holders. 

After discovering Check Work Rights he found that the platform was able to solve his pain points and could easily be implemented. He also found that the team could provide content to help clarify some visa questions he was struggling with.  

Implementation: Once the software was downloaded, Pickwick used the bulk upload feature to run checks on all of their legacy employees. They were then able to clean up their data to ensure that everyone working for the organisation was legally able to do so. This has saved them significant human resources costs as so much of the process has been automated.

Follow up: Darren finds the ongoing monitoring feature incredibly useful for his team’s workflow. They receive email notifications when an employee’s visa has been changed, which allows them to have a more proactive conversation with the employee if they are not forthcoming of the change themself. 

He can also forward the reports onto the rostering team to ensure that their roster is compliant with the most up to date visa conditions. Most importantly, the team receives automatic warnings when a critical event, such as a visa expiring, takes place. This lets them respond immediately and ensure that they are continuing to stay compliant throughout the entire process.