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Automated Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Checks

RSA Checks are now available for VIC and NSW.

If you’re doing business in other Australian states, hang tight! We’ll be releasing national RSA checks soon.

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Quick and secure document collection and storage

One-click Document Requests Initiate an RSA check request that sends a secure email using the MyCheck employee collection workflow.
Easy Verification Submitted documents are sent to specified management teams for verification against employee ID, and are stored securely.
Expiration Tracking Set and forget it with automatic expiration tracking on your dashboard and via email reporting and alerts.

Get complete visibility with customisable reports

Check compliance at-a-glance Keep on top of checks on your dashboard and via a weekly register in your inbox.
Be ready for an audit Have an RSA Summary report on hand that can be generated when requested by a member of any Police Officer or Gambling and Liquor Inspector.
Distribute information with venue managers Organise employees by location, and send their RSA details to their relevant manager.

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In the demo we give an update on legislative requirements, best practice, answer questions, and provide detail on workflows and features to aid efficiency and compliance in your organisation.