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Scanning CheckWorkRights Certified QR Codes

Contractors and Labor Hire Companies can now easily share the work rights of their staff with external employers via a Checkworkright Certified QR Code.

When employee contractors or employees from a labour-hire company, each of their employees can be issued a QR code by their employer. Using our smartphone app you can then simply scan each of these codes when they arrive on-site to ensure they’re entitled to work.

Scanning QR Codes via the Mobile Application

Please Note: To scan a QR code via CheckWorkRights you must have this functionality enabled in your account. Please contact Checkworkrights to enable the scanning of QR codes.

With the QR functionality enabled, open the Checkworkrights mobile application on your smartphone and select Validate QR Code. You’ll then be able to point your phone’s camera directly at the QR code presented by the employee and receive an immediate result on their right to work status.

Reporting for Auditability via the Web Application

Any QR codes scanned by your organisation will be recorded in the Web Application, allowing you to view a historical record of the individuals you have scanned, or to export this data in the event of a Government audit.

To locate this data, open the web application and navigate to the reporting page using the sidebar. From the reporting screen, use the External Individual QR Validation tab to view a list of all QR codes validated by your users. This can be segmented by user, contractor or date, and exported to Excel for external auditing purposes.