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Reports in Checkworkrights

Checkworkrights has a variety of reporting options available to users through the web application dashboard. Users also have access to regular, timely email reporting. Below is an overview of the main types of reports issued by Checkworkrights, all of which can be enabled or disabled for individual users, and segmented to ensure simplicity and privacy.

Organisation Summary

This email is sent to relevant users on the first of the month and shows an overview of all employees in Checkworkrights. This report primarily displays a count of all employees with visa expiry dates in the next 30, 60 or 90 days. This is useful for reminding HR, Site or Line managers to schedule conversations with these employees to discuss their plans for visa renewal.

A link will be also be provided to email recipients to log in to Checkworkrights and view a list of all employees on a visa.

Critical Summary

This email is sent to relevant users twice a week while there is an outstanding compliance issue for specific employees. This shows a summary of employees who are currently not compliant with Australian Government standards and need to be addressed by their manager as soon as possible. They are sorted into the following categories

  • NIL work entitlement
    • This usually occurs when an employee has submitted a visa or been changed to a visa sub-class that has restricted work entitlements
  • No Valid Visa
    • This usually occurs when the employee had a valid visa that has since been cancelled or expired
  • Unable to Check
    • This occurs when the Department of Immigration has no record of employee’s passport information, usually when their passport details are either wrong, or their passport has expired and they have not notified you, or Immigration of their updated details

Visa Change Alerts

These are sent out at the time of checking when an existing employee has had a substantive change in their visa status, usually that it has been cancelled.

Segmented reports ensure simplicity and privacy

The contents of all Checkworkrights reports is segmented to display only the employee information related to the specific stakeholder. For example, a National HR manager will receive a report of all employees, whereas a site manager or state manager will receive a report pertaining only to the employees in their jurisdiction.

This ensures users are only sent streamlined reports, without data that doesn’t relate to them.