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Manually uploading vaccination certificates

After navigating to the ‘Employees’ Page using the tab in the sidebar, switch to the ‘Covid-19 Vaccine Status Check’ View and locate relevant employee(s) using the provided filters (such as ‘Waiting For Response’, or Not Requested) or searching for their name.

Drag and drop a copy of their government-issued certificate of vaccination directly onto their row in the list of employees. These documents are usually an official covid 19 vaccine certificate or immunisation register.

If the uploaded document is a PDF file, the data will be automatically processed and imported into the next screen.

Otherwise, if the document is a JPG, PNG, or any other file type, you’ll be asked to manually enter and verify all relevant details to match the uploaded document.

Finally, you’ll be asked to confirm that the details entered (either automatically or manually) match the employee they are being added to.