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Generating CheckWorkRights Certified QR Codes

Contractors and Labor Hire Companies can now easily share the work rights of their staff with external employers via a Checkworkright Certified QR Code.

After allocating each employee a QR code, the business contracting your employees can simply scan each worker’s QR code on arrival, and be sure they are entitled to work.

Creating QR Codes via the Web Application

Please Note: To issue a QR code to your employee you must have this functionality enabled in your account. Please contact Checkworkrights to enable the creation of QR codes.

With the QR functionality enabled, to issue a QR code first navigate to the record of an employee you’d like to share a QR code with. In the VEVO Checking status window, select the QR code dropdown and choose to either download it as a PDF or email this PDF directly to the employee.

Your employees can now simply present this QR code when they arrive at their contracted work site, to prove they have been Certified by Checkworkrights.