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Editing the Content of Email Alerts and Notifications

Checkworkrights has a variety of email templates that can be customised to send company-specific alerts and notifications to relevant parties. These include welcome emails to new users and verifiers, requesting documents from new employees allowing them to self-onboard, or follow-up emails reminding users to take action.

Locating the relevant email template

All of these templates can be edited via the Email Admin page. In the web application, select “Admin” from the sidebar menu, and navigate to the email tab at the top of the screen.

You will be presented with a series of options that apply to all email templates, including the reply email address, the sender name and your organisation’s logo. Each individual template can be edited using the “Actions > Edit” menu on the right of the page. You can also use this menu to send a test of the current template to the email address of your choice.

Editing an email template

When editing each template, you’ll have the ability to alter both the subject line and the body content of the email. You can also use a variety of placeholders to personalise the email with details of the user or employee they are being set to. These include details like the user’s name, the name of your company, and are formated in the following manner: {FirstName}. A list of available placeholders will be displayed at the bottom of each email editing window.

An example of the popup used to edit email alert templates, including a list of available placeholders at the bottom.

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