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Adding Verifiers to Checkworkrights

In many cases, when documents are uploaded to the Checkworkrights platform they must be verified by a relevant third party. This process ensures employees have uploaded real and true versions of their right to work documentation.

Verifiers (the third party reviewing the document) can be a national level HR manager, the employee’s area or line manager or anyone else responsible for onboarding new employees in your business. This verifier will receive an email with a link to a list of Employees that they are responsible for verifying.

Adding a new Verifier on the Checkworkrights web-based desktop application

From your dashboard, select the ‘Verifiers’ option on the left sidebar of options. On the following screen, you’ll have an option to add a verifier in the top right.

Selecting this button will open the following popup, where you can enter the Verifiers name and email address. You’ll also need to select whether you want to send this Verifier the welcome and instruction email explaining this process to them. This email can be configured in the ‘Admin’ section under the ‘Emails’ tab.

This popup is used to enter a new Verifier’s name and email address.

Process for reviewing documents as a Verifier

When new documents are uploaded to employee records, their assigned Verifier will be automatically notified. The email link sent to these Verifiers will allow them to review the documents with 3 different buttons corresponding to the following declarations:

  • The documentary evidence provided contains a photograph that accurately shows the employee in question.
  • Request that the employee resubmits their documentation in the case that the evidence provided is not legible or is missing details.
  • They do not know the employee, so you are unable to verify their documentary evidence.

Settings for individual Verifiers

After adding a new Verifier, you can edit their details and assign them a variety of reports by selecting ‘View’ next to their name on the Verifiers page.

The Verifier settings page

Verifiers can be sent a report on the 1st of the month listing all of the employees they’re responsible for, both those with our without verification. These reports can also be sent as necessary with the relevant buttons.

The actions menu on the top right allows you to edit the Verifier’s name or email address, resend the welcome and instructions email, or send a variety of reports to the Verifier’s email address.

A log of their in-app and email activity, as well as a list of their team members and a status overview for all their responsibilities, is also available on this page.