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Adding Australian Citizens to Checkworkrights

Whether you’re onboarding new employees or ensuring the work rights of your existing workforce, you’ll often need to add the details of Australian citizens to the Checkworkrights platform.

The simplest way to add an employee to Checkworkrights is by scanning their passport with the mobile application. However what if your employee is an Australian citizen without a passport, or what if you have hundreds of employees and want to empower them to onboard themselves?

Adding Australian Citizens with no passport

Excluding a passport, the only valid proof of Australian citizenship is a photo ID and one of the following:

  • An Australian Birth Certificate
  • An Australian Citizenship Certificate

These documents can be uploaded manually using the web-based desktop application. On your Dashboard, select ‘Add New Employee > Manually’ from the sidebar of options, and populate their employee details in the form provided.

When Australian Citizenship is selected you’ll have the option to upload the relevant documentation and select a Verifier. The selected Verifier is responsible for ensuring the documents uploaded to Checkworkrights belong to the relevant employee.

After uploading the relevant documentation and submitting the form, you’ll be asked to confirm the verification process for the employee in the popup below. If you’re not the one verifying this employee’s documents, you can defer this responsibility to the relevant line manager by email, as long as they’ve been added to Checkworkrights as a verifier.

Ensure you’ve selected the correct evidence verification process for employees entered into Checkworkrights.

Asking users to self-onboard with our email functionality

Collecting passports, birth certificates or citizenship certificates from hundreds of employees is a large task for any single HR department. Checkworkrights allows you to automate this collection process by allowing your employees to upload their own proof of work rights documentation.

In the web application, using the option ‘By Email’ in the ‘Add new employee’ dropdown will allow you to self-onboard a specific new employee. If you have to add many new employees at once, use the ‘Using Spreadsheet’ button in the same ‘Add new employee’ dropdown menu.

Please Note: This process will trigger the “Employee Welcome Email”, which can be edited in the “Admin” menu under the “Emails” Tab. Ensure that you’ve approved the content of this email before asking users to self-onboard.

What happens to Australian Citizens after they’re verified by Checkworkrights?

Once the work rights of an Australian employee have been verified, their record can be left in the ‘active’ status, or they can be made into ‘historical’ records. The decision on which status to keep Australian Citizens in varies between organisations, this often depends on how you manage your wider HR processes.

Regardless of your decision, for the purposes of recurring VEVO checking, you will not be billed for employees with Australian Citizenship.