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Historical Log of All Checks

Avoid surprises during government audits with a searchable record of all checks conducted through the platform. Login and view a snapshot of your employees’ checks anytime.

The dashboard provides you with a quick overview of some of the most important pieces of information about your workforce to ensure that you are compliant. This information is updated in real-time as updates are received directly from the Department of Home Affairs.

When logging on you will see:

Work Entitlement Status. This is divided into 3 categories and provides you with the number of employees you have with unlimited work rights, the number of employees with limited work rights and how many of your employees have no work rights.

Document Verification. When using the employee self-onboarding functionality, an email is sent to the employee with a link. When clicking the link they proceed through a number of steps where they consent to checks and supply supporting documents.

This metric focuses on the numbers of employees or potential employees who are still required to submit evidence to complete or verify their checks.

There is an option for an additional step for a manager or other staff member to verify that the documents submitted belong to the employee who submitted them. This is important because someone could submit a friend’s passport who has a valid visa pretending it is their document.

It is important to ensure that the check not only demonstrates that the person has full work rights, but also that their documentation is verified by someone who can identify them by name and face.

Onboarding and new employees. This category provides statistics on the numbers of employees whose checks are pending and how many former employees were monitored through CheckWorkRights.

This information can be accessed anytime by as many team members as you provide access to. Each of these metrics can be viewed for individual business units such as individual locations, state managers or the organisation as a whole.