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Australia prides itself on welcoming both temporary and permanent residents from many countries around the world. However, many of these individuals enter Australia on visas with different conditions associated with their ability to work. 

Therefore, a visa check allows you, the employer, to check either:

  • Your staff member’s Australian Citizenship details OR
  • Your staff member’s Australian Employment visa and any conditions associated with it

Since 2013, both employers and employees can be penalized for not complying with the conditions of their work visa. Therefore it is important to check all employees’ work visas during the hiring process and on an ongoing basis to ensure that their work entitlements have not changed or ended.

Check Work Rights is a business that uses technology to simplify the process of applying for and validating a number of employment-related compliance checks including Visa checks, Working with Children Checks and Police Checks.

There are two parts to our Visa check service. The first one is the initial validation and the second one is the ongoing monitoring. 

The initial check costs $2.50 per employee. 

The monitoring costs depend on the number of employees in our database:

  • From 1- 10 employees the service is free
  • From 10 – X employees the cost is X per month for each employee
  • For over X employees, please contact us for custom pricing 

The ongoing monitoring includes reporting on important visa issues such as employees whos visas are not valid, employees whose visa conditions have changed, and employees whos visas have expired.

Once you join us, we will work to ensure the product is set up and optimised for your unique business. Depending on what type of data you have already collected, the onboarding process can take anywhere between a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

You will receive a monthly report with a list of all of your employees and information about when their visas need to be renewed. This should replace the manual checking that is done directly through the Department of Home Affairs website.

If you are employing staff that are not legally allowed to work, both you and the employee are in breach of government regulation and can be penalised for this breach. 

It is important to action this knowledge as soon as possible to ensure that you remain compliant.