Easy VEVO Checks for Hospitality and Retail

We know that it is difficult to keep track of compliance in a small business. No HR Team, not core business, compliance doesn’t make you money

Using CWR as a Small Business

A small business that employs non Australians (working holiday, bridging visa, seasonal workers, etc) simply downloads the Checkworkrights app from the relevant app store, and then uses the app to;

  • check workplace entitlement of new recruits
  • ongoing checks for employees automatically scheduled
  • run ad hoc checks when required
  • access details of prior checks

How Can CWR Help?

Quick Checking Process

Scanning a passport with your smartphone will return a VEVO result in a few seconds

Low Cost Solution

Paid directly through the App Store on iOS or Android

Easy Of Use

Intuitive and simple user interface available for iPhone and Android

Automated Ongoing Checks

Keeps you compliant and saves you time. Alerts and reports sent automatically.

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Minimise your risk of fines and non-compliance

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